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Rome & Sorrento

Rome & Sorrento
No. of Days
7 days / 6 nights
By Air
Hotel Location
Rome & Sorrento
** / *** Hotel
Meal Basis
Age Group
15 to 18yrs
Prices From
Mix of Subjects
Languages / Leisure & Tourism / Classical Studies / Art

Recommended Visits


• Vatican City (St.Peters Basilica, Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel)
• Scala Santi (holy steps)
• Piazza Venezia (square lined with palaces)
• Piazza del Popolo (church with frescoes & Egyptian obelisk)
• Church of St. John Lateran (climb the staircase on your knees)
• Pantheon
• Trevi Fountain
• Spanish Steps
• Roman Forum
• Colosseum

Surrounding area of Rome

• Tivoli (Villa d’Este & Villa Adriana)
• Assisi (Cathedral of St. Francis)

Theme Evening Visit (Rome)

• Time Elevator (4D simulated ride, 3000 years of Roman history with special effects)

Sorrento & The Bay of Naples

• Vesuvius (eruption in 79AD buried Herculaneum & Pompeii in lava & ash, preserving both towns)
• Pompeii (exceptional excavations can be seen here)
• Herculaneum (well preserved evocative remains)

Surrounding area of Sorrento

• Naples (archaeological museum, palaces and good shopping)
• Paestum (ruined ancient city with three well preserved Doric temples)
• Amalfi Coast (spectacular coastline with visits to Ravello & Positano)
• Island of Capri (idyllic island)

Meal Swap

• Dinner at the Hard Rock Café, Rome

Fully Guided Tour

• Your tour is fully guided in Italy

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